Letters to Mack 3: Correspondence from Islamorada to Pulaski by Tom McCoy

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A memoir of fishing and life shared through letters to a childhood friend. A three book series spanning 50 years - fishing with a fly rod in streams and in the salt. The characters fished with, the places traveled to and how life sometimes gets in the way. Letters to Mack 1 and 2 have brought us from the 1950's though 2010. The correspondence in book 3 covers the expanding reach of Tom's fly rod, moving from trout and stripers to smallmouth bass, tarpon, and salmon then on to steelhead. They include taking a buddy fishing and some kids as well. They disclose the closing of some chapters in his life, as well as the opening of new ones. Some history, some philosophy and a lot of fishing. This trilogy, in combination with How to Fly Fish For Trout, offers the fisherperson, or anyone who aspires to be one, a glimpse into the life of a man who has nothing but gratitude for a life well lived, on, in and near the water, surrounded by family and good friends.