Natures Spirit Creepy Sheep Hair

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Creepy Sheep Hair is a Wool and Trilobal blend that averages 4-5 inches long. It is absolutely perfect for all of your streamer needs. This product not only stacks well for streamer heads, but you can even take it and make a full baitfish. Here is the kicker, because we have been able to make a rainbow with our trilobal fibers, we have taken each Wool color we have and blended it with the rainbow trilobal fiber. That’s right, there are several different rainbow colors in this product. We also have the Ghostly colors, every color of wool blended with White trilobal to give it a pale appearance for lighter colored patterns. Creepy Sheep hair is also a fantastic dubbing. How do we know? it is the base for our Scud-Lisios dubbing. And yes we will be adding all of the rainbow colors into the Scud-Lisios line up later on.