Rising - FishWhistle Kit

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After we built our first prototype brass tools, we knew we’d be making a Fish Whistle and that we needed a sweet Kit to hold all the essential ingredients. Our first thought was Recycled Waders for the bag since we liked the concept of their company, and thought up-cycling waders into a pouch to hold your Fish Whistle gear would be awesome. Fortunately, they are located in Oregon and got what we were trying to accomplish.. The entire bag besides the large zipper, and our tough pull tab is made from up-cycled wader material. It looks cool, feels good, and keeps everything organized.


  • Custom Recycled Waders zippered pouch with internal sleeve dividers
  • Brass Fish Whistle
  • Custom Wire Form for untangling knots in line, and cleaning whistle
  • Alcohol wipe to clean the wire and whistle
  • Divided fly cup for consumables
  • 100% American Made
  • Unconditional Warranty