Rite Bobbin Shorty

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Smaller flies sometimes require smaller bobbins, so Rite developed our Shorty to provide the same level of precision tension, along with a smaller sized barrel. This is the perfect tool for those little blue wing olives, midges, small parachutes, or any other pattern where a full-sized bobbin starts to impedge your ability to see and/or tie.

The Shorty also boasts the top-quality ceramic tube, to ensure smooth performance, and a removable vinyl grip.

Approximately 3/4" shorter than the "Rite" Standard
Great for tiny flies or smaller hands, but many tiers with large hands swear by this bobbin.
Zirconia Ceramic Thread Tube
Small Diameter Barrel
Removable Vinyl Grip
Solid Brass Arm
"Click" Drag Adjustment
1-9 ounces of thread tension
Works great with spooled wire