Royal Wulff Wristlok

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To use the Wristlok, simply loop the leather cuff around the forearm about 2 above the wrist and secure with Velcro closure. Grip the rod in that hand and slip the butt of the rod into the small loop, sliding the rings as necessary for adjustment A few practice casts will give you the feel of the Wristlok. You may wish to readjust at this point for best performance. To release the rod for reeling, simply slide the small loop off the rod butt.

• By keeping the wrist from falling back during the power application, the highest mechanical advantage is assured.

• Wristlok allows correct wrist movement only; between a bent-down position and a straight-up position.

• Proper wrist action on the backcast will lead to better control and accuracy on the forward cast.

• Acclaimed by instructors and students alike.

• Comfortable, durable, easy to use. One size fits all.

• Guaranteed to help improve your casting.