Steffen - Modern Classic Graphite - Main Stem Series 5wt Fly Rod

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The 5wt gives you excellent presentation, pinpoint accuracy, and some extra stability you might need for casting larger bushy dries or weighted nymphs. 

The 9’ 5wt, is the classic all-rounder, it excels with dries on medium to large rivers but has the versatility to throw a small streamer or nymph rig when you need. Super smooth and deceptively powerful a proper progressive action with fast recovery, this is a rod that can deal with bigger fish while retaining enough sensitivity to make any fish fun. A medium river all-rounder, that makes for a rather special, larger water dry fly rod.

865-4 Spring Creek. Extra stability, wiggle for technical waters. Larger bushy dries, weighted nymphs, dry flies.

905-4 Freestone. Classic all-around multi application taper