Varivas Tapered Leader Pro Dry FHT

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Cast flies with great turnover performance!

Casting a fly to where you want it is easier said than done, since wind, backspace and other conditions in the field make casting difficult. Great casting yields positive results. And casting with confidence and ease is what all anglers want.

VARIVAS Tapered Leader Pro Dry FHT (Front Heavy Taper) design takes the worry out of casting, providing advantageous, powerful turn and accurate control performance. The new innovative Front Heavy Taper (FHT) design has the most drive force among VARIVAS’s reverse taper series.  FHT design generates powerful casting with minimum wind resistance and reduces stress for turnover larger flies in difficult windy conditions.  Leader color is Misty Olive with natural color Tippet which blends with the environment.


  • VARIVAS Smooth Tech Coating which reduces surface friction, increases durability and prevents water absorption.
  • VARIVAS Smart Connect thin design which allows a small connection profile between the fly fishing line and tapered reader.

Color:  Leader color is Misty Olive with Natural color Tippet