Letters to Mack 2: Correspondence from Montana to Montauk by Tom McCoy

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A memoir of fishing and life shared through letters to a childhood friend. A three book series spanning 50 years - fishing with a fly rod in streams and in the salt. The characters fished with, the places traveled to and how life sometimes gets in the way. Tom's home waters, when it comes to trout, are the Catskills of New York State so it is appropriate that the first stories in this collection take place there. Living on the Long Island Sound and being a short distance from the saltwater mecca of Montauk, he has been fortunate to fish there as well, one time witnessing the amazing triple play of bass, blues and false albacore, all exploding at once within the shadow of the famous lighthouse. Fly Fishermen have a need to look west, beyond the prairies. Montana and its sister states with their mountains, wild streams and monster trout have been the magnet which has drawn Tom for many years. He offers a journal of three of those trips for your vicarious fishing pleasure. All of these stories were written as letters to his lifelong friend Mack. "Sometimes you have the good fortune to meet a buddy early on and get to share your life with him." said Tom. "At first it's in school or on the ball field and later through correspondence. Letters at first, then email." Letters to Mack 2: Correspondence from Montana to Montauk is a collection of 19 of those letters. Tom authored his first book How to Fly Fish for Trout: the First Book to Read when a friend wanted to learn how to fly fish and was overwhelmed by the available instruction manuals. Too much information for a beginner was the problem. The book is written in the familiar style of these stories and truly can get a person started fly fishing for trout (and catching) quicker than most. The Fish Tales chapter has 8 stories to help the new fly fisher digest the lessons. Letters to Mack, Book One: Correspondence on a Fishing Life is a collection of letters on fishing, hiking and life and Letters to Mack 3: Correspondence from Islamorada to Pulaski includes tarpon and steelhead adventures.