Dette Forma - Moderate Progressive Action Fly Rod

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  1. relating to form or shape 
  2. appearance


A moderate flexing action fly rod with lots of feels. and is a fast recovery rod for those of use who want a rod that slows our tempo and connects to the moment. 

The top half of the rod has a progressive moderate action, while the bottom half stores plenty of extra power for a long cast or a hard fighting fish. The fast recovery allows for lot of forgiveness on form, particularly on a bad cast, and control for reach casts and other aerial mends. 

6'6" 2wt  |  7'9" 3wt
Built with the small stream angler in mind. The short length manages well under a canopy and is able to handle short cast in close quarters. The need to be able to pitch a long cast over a slow pool, or a larger fly or dry dropper rig is not lost to these rods. 

9' 4wt | 9' 5wt

Not all streams have a heavy canopy, nor are they small. Where space is not an issue, a nine foot rod has many tactical advantages. The taper allows for close quarter casting, while being able to reach out for long casts. 

Forma Rod Details:

4 Piece (5 with the extra tip)

Matte Gray Blank

Nickel Plated Guides with Black Wraps with White Tipping

Nickel Up Locking Reel Seat with cork insert.

Gray Cordura tube with 5 section divider. 

Each rod comes with 2 tips. This was not because of concerns of durability, but for convenience. The tip is the most broken section on fly rod due to user error and having an extra tip helps prevent a ruined outing!