Hardy Marquis LWT Reel

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A re-modeled classic Hardy fly reel. The Hardy Marquis was a main stay of the Hardy line for many years. This new edition features numerous improvements to the original including subtle updating of the classic style with an indented regulator button, increased porting, and improved regulation range.

• Bar stock 6061 Construction
• Improved range of adjustment
• Modified Porting to reduce weight
• Updated yet classic styling
• Indented regulator button

Size Weight Line Capacity (yards)
2/3 3.40 WF3+22 (20lb Dacron)
4 3.40 WF4+30 (20lb Dacron)
5 3.76 WF5+45 (30lb Dacron)
6 4.32 WF6+45yds
7 4.62 WF7+67 (30lb Dacron)
SAL 1 8.11 WF10+170 (30lb Dacron)
SAL 2 9.30 WF11+280 (30lb Dacron)
SAL 3 9.90 WF12+400 (30lb Dacron)