Airflo Poly Leaders - Bass / Pike

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This short powerful PolyLeader is essential for turning over large wind resistant divers or bass bugs. Add only a short length of mono for perfect accuracy and maximum turnover with every cast. For Pike fishing, include a short section of wire at the tip as a bite guard, check out our new Titanium Predator Leader below. Available in 4’ lengths.

24lb strength.


Airflo PolyLeaders

PolyLeaders are offered in seven sinking densities to cover all fishing situations.  Use in place of your mono tapered leader to dial-in your setup to your unique fishery.

Sink Rates

  • Clear Floating
  • Hover – 0.5 in/sec
  • Intermediate – 1.5 in/sec
  • Slow Sink – 2.6 in/sec
  • Fast Sink – 3.9 in/sec
  • Super Fast Sink – 4.9 in/sec
  • Ex.Super Fast Sink – 6.1 in/sec