Airflo RAGE Compact Skagit Head

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Working with Tom Larimer, we developed the ‘Rage Compact’ to help casters of all skill levels fish in difficult conditions. It is designed for surface or near surface fishing using a wide range of rod lengths. Coined a “hybrid head,” the Rage has a tip diameter and head length that bridges the gap between Skagit and Scandi heads. When the wind picks up or when you want to throw a wide range of floating and sinking polyleaders the Rage’s design will help people succeed where a Scandi head will fail. It is perhaps the most versatile two hand line ever created.

They were designed with a versatile 50/50 taper to belly ratio for all around performance and a tip diameter that will straighten out almost any fly leader combination. Available in wide range of sizes to cover trout Spey rods all the way to heavy eight weight Steelhead rods. Heavy duty black colored rear loop and a front loop with color identification band and the line size printed on the line for easy identification. If you had to own only one line for fishing a two hand rod it should be a Rage.

Features welded loops on both ends

Front Taper:  The moderate front taper and thick tip diameter offer a wide range of versatility in possibilities.  It will turn over long tapered leaders, PolyLeaders, and light CCT tips in the larger sizes.

Belly:  The moderate length belly gives enough length to reach out on longer casts.

Rear Taper:  The condensed rear taper makes for quick and easy loading and maximum shootability.

Rigging tips:

  • Leaders – Tapered mono leaders in 9′ – 15′ are ideal for floating and near-surface presentations
  • PolyLeaders – PolyLeaders and Rage heads are a great match, offering the widest range of versatility and options.  Any number of lengths and densities are recommended depending on your line size and application.
  • Sink tips:  Depending on your casting style and ability, the Rage is able to turn over T-7 and T-10 tips in the larger sizes.
  • Running Lines:  The RAGE Compact includes the head only and requires a running line.  Please browse our running line options to see which one suits your purposes.

Taper Design & Features