Millstream Clear Fly Boxes

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These boxes are produced by Millstream and are Made in the USA, top quality and of smart design.


Durable, brass hinge pins so rust is not an issue, crystal clear, boxes have nesting feet so you can put two bottom to bottom and make a 2 sided box and they come in various compartment layouts. The small boxes are the perfect shirt pocket. Medium boxes are great for your vest or deep pockets.


Get them with ripple foam, nubby bottom, float foam or compartments!

The nubby bottom boxes are what we use for nymphs, wets and streamers the dry quickly and unlike foam do absorb hold moisture.

Small - 4.25 Long by 3.25 Wide by 0.6875 Tall

Medium - 6 Long by 3.75 Wide by 1 Tall


Made in the USA