Effective Stillwater Fly Fishing by Michael Gorman

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An Analytical Approach to Help You Catch More Fish

Top advice from a master stillwater angler and complete hatch information for lakes, ponds, and reservoirs make Effective Stillwater Fly Fishing the perfect resource for fly fishing on stillwaters. With proven fly patterns, tips on the best way to fish them, and more than 300 full-color photos, this book is a must-have for all dedicated fly fishers. The author helps you make the most of every fishing expedition--even those ego-bruising days when the fish seem to reject everything. Gorman approaches stillwater fly fishing as a puzzle and views challenging days as a chance to put together the pieces and enjoy the most cerebral, rewarding parts of the sport.

Pages: 208 • Trim: 8½ x 11

978-0-8117-1301-6 • Paperback • January 2014