Ghostech Strike Indicator

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GHOSTech Strike Indicators are Fly Fishing’s ONLY adaptable screw on, soft landing, natural casting, waterproof STRIKE indicator. Designed to help you catch more fish by fitting your needs.

Product Includes:

Three(3) GHOSTech Strike Indicators

  • Two(2) Threaded fasteners with two(2) air puck combination - For medium to light steam conditions

  • One(1) Threaded fasteners with one(1) air puck combination - For light and sneak style light weight fishing

  • Two(2) additional back up air pucks - for additional adaptation to add onto double two(2) float puck combination for larger and deeper waters or heavier weighted flies and rigs.

  • One(1) Backup fastening nut - Though because you do not need to remove the nut from the threaded fastener to attach to your line we want to take care of our clients and we through a backup in the packaging - keep in mind the only time you need to remove the nut is when you are adding or removing air floating pucks to adjust to different water types or fishing styles or conditions.