Guideline 3D+ Compact Head

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These lines are available in weights covering most encountered fishing with single hand- switch and shorter double hand rods, except the very heaviest line weights. They are short, yet extremely rigid and precise in the flight during casting. We have spent a lot of time fine tuning the weight balance, the individual lengths and the transitions between the various densities to optimize them both in terms of sink speeds and tracking through the water. Their ability to stay balanced, yet powerful enough to turn over bulky, wind-resistant flies and cast further than you thought possible with such short lines make them a great all-round option.

Their buoyant back ends make lift-off from the water easy. They excel in the last part of the swing when current drops and a line with less buoyancy in the back will lose speed and ability to fish into your own bank. The floating part of the F/S lines is about 40% of the total length and so is the fastest sinking density in the front. 3D Compact heads feature the very latest in PVC-free, eco-friendly Polyurethane material and are pre-looped with the industry’s strongest loops. They are built on our proven Direct Contact™ cores with only 6% stretch and a breaking strength of 30 lbs. They are designed to perform perfectly without the addition of extra Tips or Polyleaders, just add your desired length of leader/tippet and you’re good to go. All lines are color-coded and ID printed in the back end for easy identification of line weight and density.

  • Perfect for single hand- switch and shorter double hand rods.
  • Well balanced, rigid and precise in the flight.
  • Optimized transitions between the various densities for best fishability.
  • Easy lift-off from the water makes casting effortless.
  • Core with only 6% stretch for better contact with the fish/fishing.
  • Ready to go, just add mono leader.
  • Looped in both ends.

Colors of the lines:
FLOAT - Pale green
F/H/S1 - Pale/Clear green
F/S1/S3 - Pale green/Medium Grey
F/S2/S4 - Pale green/Dark Grey
F/S3/S5 - Pale green/Black
I/S4/S6 - Pale Green/Dark Grey
S2/S5/S7 - Light Grey/Black