Hanak Competition Fly Hooks H450BL - Barbless Jig Superb Hook

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Jigs are great for heavy bead head nymphs. The shape of the hook allows a slotted bead to ride above the shank with out blocking the gap like a traditional beaded hook. They also tend to ride point up, reducing hookups with bottom.
Medium wire, extra long needle point, extra wide gape, black nickel finish.

Hanak hooks are made from hi-carbon steel, with extra long needle points and chemically sharpened. The quality of their wire and hardening process make for a top notch hook.

Available in sizes 10 - 16

25 hooks per pack

Suggested Bead Sizing
Hook Size Bead Size
8 3/16" 4.6mm
10 5/32" 4.0mm
12 1/8" 3.5mm
14 7/64" 3.0mm
16 7/64" 3.0mm
18 3/32" 2.5mm