How to Fly Fish for Trout: The first book to read... by Tom McCoy

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Question: Why another book on how to fly fish for trout?

Answer: Because all of the books out there offer too much information for a beginner. This is all you need to know to get started. If you are a guy or gal who just wants to try this sport and enjoy the little time you have to go fishing, this book will get you on the stream and catching fish sooner than the others. Besides, once you understand and, more importantly, experience what is offered here, all the other books will make much more sense.Also included in the Fish Tales section are true stories outlining strategies, tactics and techniques as well as descriptions of some of my favorite fishing spots.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. If being there isn't enough

3. A primer on the fly and its life cycle

4. Observation - the first step

5. The cast

6. Drag, drag, drag

7. Up with dry, down with wet

8. How many rises makes a rising fish?

9. Give it a rest

10. Leaders, tippets and two mandatory knots

11. What flies to buy

12. What rod to buy

13. Gadgets and other stuff you will want

14. Trout Unlimited

15. Don't be a fly rod snob

16. Hook'em and Cook'em vs Catch and Release

17. More

18. Fish Tales - 8 stories for your pleasure and further orientation