KAFLY G7 Chest Pack

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Chest Pack G7
This is the latest configuration. It is available in Khaki with the Center Accent in camo (multicam).

  • Size 12" x 10" larger than the other packs to fit 2 7” fly boxes

  • Two small front pockets with zippers

  • Velcro between the front pockets to hold a bottle of drying power (Easy Dry or Dry Shake fit well)

  • Big Pocket 4.5" x 8.5" x 1.5"

  • Left and right from the big pocket are Zinger slots for nippers or floatant

  • Behind the big pocket are 2 slots for Forceps or Mitten clamp (max 5.5" length) and a hock file

  • The main pocket has a 10" zipper and will hold two fly boxes or other items.

  • Velcro Loop stripe on top to store flies or mount other items

  • Pocket with Velcro closure in the rear

  • 2 pairs of D-rings on the top to hang additional item and mount the pack to your waders.

  • 2 fabric loops on the bottom left and right in case you also wish to mount the lower part of the pack to you waders or body