Ketchum Release by Waterworks Lamson

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Lamson's breakout product in the fly fishing industry, years ago, the question was asked: “There’s got to be a better way to remove a delicately-tied fly from a hooked fish than the hoisting, clamping, and wrenching process now on display.” So Lamson created a simply innovative tool capable of reducing fish mortality by eliminating netting and handling—then named it after their home-base of Ketchum, Idaho. This technique will preserve protective coatings and eliminate air exposure. The Ketchum Release® tool makes low-mortality release easy, plus allows you to retrieve your fly without damage. It even keeps your hands high and dry. The Ketchum Release® is available in three sizes: 

Big Bug for hook sizes 6-10

Standard for sizes 12-16

Midge for sizes 18-22.