Kona Articulated Ned-Head

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Are you a fly fisherman looking to master the finesse technique known as the "Ned Rig," just like conventional tackle anglers? Look no further than the Kona Articulated Ned Head, an innovative fishing accessory that enables fly fishermen to employ a finesse technique akin to their conventional tackle counterparts, all while using lightweight fishing flies.

The Ned Rig, a well-loved finesse method among conventional tackle enthusiasts, involves using small plastic worms, craws, or creatures paired with a light mushroom-style head for easy floating off the bottom. The Articulated Ned Head takes this concept and adapts it for fly fishing.

Here's how it works:

Innovative Design: A compact tungsten weight with two unique connectors, the Articulated Ned Head is a game-changer! Attach your tippet to one side, and on the other, effortlessly snap on (and off) your preferred fly using our innovative connector.

Seductive Presentation: Cast your line, and the Ned-Head takes your fly down to the riverbed or saltwater sand flat where it rests with the fly raised in a highly visible, enticing posture. As you start stripping your fly line, the Ned-Head causes your fly to "jig" and swim with a strikingly lifelike motion. Pause your strip, and the fly gently sinks back to the bottom, simulating natural prey behavior.

Irresistible Action: It works particularly well with articulated crayfish, shrimp, crab and other "creature" flies.The combination of stripping and pausing your fly to present the fly is irresistible to many species. 

Swift Fly Changes: Our innovative connector ensures quick and hassle-free fly changes, letting you adapt to different fishing conditions with ease.

3 Sizes: Different weights enable anglers to fish a variety of fly sizes and depths

Whether you're chasing bass in freshwater or stalking bonefish in the shallows, this innovative new tool improves your chances of success.

Small and Medium sizes (5 Ned-Heads per pack), Large size (4 Ned-Heads)