Lee Wulff Master Collection DVD

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Fourteen of Lee's best films brought together for the first time on this 2 DVD set. Vintage films from the heyday of angling from america's pioneer fly fisherman. freshwater, saltwater, trout, salmon and big game species - it's all here! Makes a perfect gift, and a great addition to any sportsman's library. Approximately 5 hours of exciting footage! Also sold separately. Relive the excitement from the great moments in Lee's sportfishing career. Classic videos from a bygone era.


• Soliloquy to a Salmon & the Atlantic Salmon

• Giant Tuna, Small Boat

• Minipi Trout

• To Ecuador for Marlin

• The Fly Fisherman's World

• Leaping Silver & Atlantic Salmon Angling Techniques

• Three Trout to Dream About & Minipi's Discovery

• San Juan River Tarpon & World Record Marlin

• Where the Biggest Bluefins Swim

• Autumn Silver