Letters to Mack: Book One by Tom McCoy

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A memoir of fishing and life shared through letters to a childhood friend. A three book series spanning 50 years - fishing with a fly rod in streams and in the salt. The characters fished with, the places traveled to and how life sometimes gets in the way. Tom McCoy is a lifelong fisherman who loves to fly fish for trout but also enjoys all that the saltwater has to offer. He has fished mountain streams north, east, south and west. In this collection he shares these adventures through letters to his lifelong friend named Mack. Here is a sample: Chapter Fourteen - East Branch at Roger's Dear Mack, Jerry and I have been trying to get in as much of the Hendrickson season as we can. He is off Tuesdays so we head up for the day and wait for the afternoon hatch. Well, we don't really wait. We go about the business of nymphing. Beadhead Gold Ribbed Hares Ears are favored, although as the time gets near for the hatch, Pheasant Tails are tied on in tandem in the hope of a pre-emptive strike by a trout waiting for the same Hendricksons we are. We discuss a plan for the day. Barnhart's Pool is the agreed on favorite for about 2 PM. In the meanwhile we can go up to the East Branch which is reported to have earlier hatches and more flies. We also want to assess the damage done by the flood of a few weeks ago. 50,000 cubic feet per second was the flow rate on streams that are usually under 500... 20 stories to entertain as well as tip you off to some of my favorite fishing spots, hikes and people. I hope you enjoy it.