Maxima Chameleon Tippet Material

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The choice of many for so long. Chameleon is Maxima's stiffest tippet material, ideal for butt sections in leaders, tippet for turning over large flies like streamers, bass bugs, etc, & great for swinging wets! It is strong, abrasion resistant & the dark color blends with the dark river bottoms.

* Please note, Maxima tippet tends to run a size larger then what the package says! If it says 6x chances are it will measure at 5X, if it says 3X then chances are it is 2X, etc, etc


The Large Spool Hands, 3 - 4" are great for Maxima spools. They keep the tippet from coming of the spools and greatly reduce tangles and damaged tippets.


27 yards per spool, 1 to 25lb.

17 yards per spool, 30 to 40lb.

Made in Germany