Pacific Coast Flies & Fly Fishing

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Pacific Coast Flies & Fly Fishing champions the fly patterns and fly-fishing adventure unique to these waters. This book includes over 60 fly patterns, instructions for tying each pattern, and an image of the completed fly. An introductory essay for each fly describes the development of the fly, the fishing situations in which it’s typically used, the angling problems it might solve, plus the fly’s historical antecedents. The patterns are divided between flies used for trout, flies used for salmon and steelhead, and flies tied specifically for saltwater species.

To date there has never been a single book that embraces the wealth of flies and fly-fishing adventure available to Pacific Coast anglers. Over the past three decades, author Scott Sadil has written more than any other writer about the full range of the Pacific Coast's angling opportunities. His well-known work stands at the center of the Pacific Coast fly fishing community, one of the largest in the world today.