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In our opinion, the best stuff out there. Cures absolutely crystal clear.
  • Cures fast with the Raidzap 365 PRO
  • Cures hard and clear.
  • Thin tip, needle tip & brush included.
  • 0.5 oz / 15 ml. Box with 1 x brush & 1 x syringe needle.

THIN - for the last layer on your fly. A clear UV resin and quick cure time with RZ 365 Pro. Raidzap Thin is a high-quality UV resin for fly tying for beginners and professionals. Developed from the bottom up with care, developed for fly tying and with the right nozzle tip under the lid. Use it for the smaller flies, for wing cases, head cementing and more.

MEDIUM - build heads and bodies. A clear UV resin and quick cure with RZ 365 Pro. Raidzap Medium has a normal viscosity, it is neither too thin nor too thick. It can handle most tasks on almost all flies. The Raidzap Medium is crystal clear. That's why Raidzap Medium is also our most recognized UV resin and our best-selling UV resin for tying.

THICK - a clear UV resin and quick cure time with RZ 365 Pro. For the big layers to build shrimp bodies, or the big heads on the large flies. It builds a good thick layer to fill from the start, which gives your fly a great solid finish. Raidzap Thick is everyone who likes to build from the bottom up. Cures hard and crystal clear as all the Raidzap UV resins.

FLEX - the most flexible UV resin developed for flytying. It is so flexible that it can bend without breaking or splitting. Perfect for forming baitfish flies. It can even be used for fly line loops or repairs, where a flexible adhesive is required. Developed for Rz 365 Pro UV Light, Raidzap Flex also cures with other UV flashlights on the market.

FLEX THICK - Allows you to build incredibly durable heads, bodies and carapaces in very minimal time. “Flex Thick” has double the viscosity of our standard flex UV resin.