Semperfli Extreme String (40mm)

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Extreme String (40mm) gives an amazing appearance of long dyed hackles with embedded metallic glint threads making Extreme String (40mm) the ultimate predator hackle. Use for Pike, Muskie, Bull Trout, Saltwater or any predators!. With 40mm hackles Extreme String (40mm) produces extreme flies, hence its name. Use as hackles, body wraps, as a palmered chenille for incredible effects and movement

Extreme String (40mm) works amazingly well if brushed with a toothbrush to separate the fibers even further. Either brush before or once tied to add even more bulk without weight to this stunning material.

With 40mm hackles you can make bulky but light weight flies with Extreme String (40mm) Copper. Extreme String will take your Predator fishing flies to the Extreme.


  • 40mm long hackles
  • 4m Extreme String (40mm)  per card.
  • Ideal for predator flies or shrimp patterns