Virtual Nymph Stonefly Wing Buds

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Stonefly Wing Buds have been designed by Paul Whillock & Steve Thornton. Both realistic flytyers. Stoneflies are everyones favourite pattern and this product will certainly help you make a Stonefly with that little bit extra.

Stoneflies can be tied in many ways and by adding these wing buds to your pattern will not only save you time, but make a more effective fishing pattern. Stonefly Wing Buds are easy to use, simply cut out a pair of wing buds. Although Stonefly Wing Buds are made using a tough water proof polymer, they can be coloured to Match the Hatch with permanent marker pens. Sealing the wing bud with a matt varnish or glue will help the general aesthetics and also protect them for longer use on rivers & streams.


Hook shank length equals the Stonefly size.

SIZE ONE 3/4 inch or 17 mm

SIZE TWO 1 inch or 25 mm

SIZE THREE 1'1/4 inch or 33 mm

SIZE FOUR 1'1/2 inch or 45mm