Whiting Farms - Hackle Gauge

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The Whiting Hackle Gauge gives the tier an all new method of measuring hackle for dry fly tying. Taking into account the gape measurements of today's most popular dry fly hooks, the Whiting Hackle Gauge provides the most accurate and comprehensive measurement tool on the market today.

Selecting and sizing hackle can be a very personal choice. You may want to over-hackle or under-hackle a fly. This gauge provides an acceptable range to measure hackle, based upon today's most popular dry fly hooks.

No longer is it realistic to measure to a fixed line as found in conventional hackle gauges. Seeing hackle is also easier with the Whiting Hackle Gauge. Each size range gives you a light and dark area to accommodate any color of hackle. We recommend wrapping the hackle two or three times around the post to gain the clearest view of the hackle size. And, hackle will not slip off the measuring post with the gauges' unique "nail-head" design. Whiting's Hackle Gauge represents an all new way to measure hackle for today's tying needs.